Q: What is The Gables at Rolling Meadows?

The Gables at Rolling Meadows is a skilled nursing facility for short-term rehabilitation therapy and Healthcare Center for long-term 24 hour nursing care.

Q: Do I have to be a resident of Rolling Meadows in order to come to The Gables?

No. We welcome residents and non-residents of Rolling Meadows to The Gables.

Q: Do you offer speech, physical, and occupational therapy at The Gables?

Yes. We have a dedicated team of therapists at Rolling Meadows. We offer one on one attention to our guests to ensure that they receive the absolute best therapy. Therapy is available 7 days per week.

Q: If I am being discharged from the hospital, and I am told I need rehabilitation therapy from a Skilled Nursing Facility, can I come to The Gables?

Absolutely! Just tell your doctor, discharge planner, or family member that you would like to complete your rehabilitation at The Gables. The hospital will then contact us, and we will take care of the rest.

Q: Will Medicare pay for my stay at The Gables?

Medicare WILL pay for short-term rehabilitation therapy stays at The Gables, provided it is following a qualified hospital stay. However, Medicare does not pay for long-term nursing care at any healthcare center.

Some non-traditional Medicare policies will pay for short-term rehabilitation without requiring a hospital stay first. Check with your insurance provider or give us a call and we will help you find out.

Q: Will my health insurance or long-term care insurance provider pay for my stay in The Gables?

Some health insurance policies will pay for short-term rehabilitation stays at The Gables. However, health insurance does not pay for long-term stays at any nursing healthcare center.

Most long-term care insurance policies will pay part or all of your long-term stay at The Gables.